Liang Chen


Liang Chen

Liang Chen, the Cosmonaut, is a fearless space explorer whose insatiable curiosity led her to the farthest reaches of the universe long before Gates’ grip tightened. With an intimate understanding of alien worlds and technologies, Nadia’s scientific knowledge, combined with her survival instincts, is an invaluable asset to the resistance’s endeavors.

Background: The Cosmonaut, a product of humanity’s spacefaring ambitions, was among the first to venture beyond Earth. Trained to operate advanced spacecraft and navigate the complexities of space, they are a pioneer of the cosmos. Their expertise in interstellar travel and diplomacy is a vital asset to the resistance.

Role: The Cosmonaut’s role extends beyond Earth’s boundaries. They are tasked with establishing interstellar alliances, securing resources from distant worlds, and uncovering alien technologies. Their mastery of spacecraft makes them a crucial link between Earth and the wider universe.

Personality: This explorer possesses an inquisitive spirit, adaptability, and a sense of responsibility to both Earth and the cosmic community. They approach encounters with aliens, be they friendly or adversarial, with diplomacy and a desire for mutual understanding.

Mission: The Cosmonaut’s mission in your game is to forge alliances with alien civilizations, locate resource-rich planets, and navigate the complexities of interstellar politics. They’ll engage in interplanetary diplomacy, explore alien cultures, and solve intricate puzzles on distant worlds.